About US

Bravo custom home is a family owned and operated business, each home created is built by qualified project managers and tradesmen who are dedicated to providing superior results in a timely manner. The goals of Bravo Custom Homes are to provide affordable designs that reflect the unique personality and needs of each homebuyer they serve. The team of builders 

Originally founded in 2006 by Ricci Shahvar Bravo Custom Homes is dedicated to creating quality homes that are designed to each customer’s unique  our goals are not focused on building the most homes possible, but rather creating superior homes that are unmatched by other builders in the industry. With a long history in the real estate industry, our team is dedicated to the process and providing customers the home they really want.
Bravo custom design build is a firm celebrated for its deep commitment to the highest level of building values and design practices. Whether traditional or contemporary, formal or informal, each and every  Bravo build home features impeccable craftsmanship, serious architectural ambition, and genuine originality. Meanwhile, highly-nuanced layers of detail serve to add refinement, comfort, and highly personalized artistry to each and every New living space. 

Creating a residence to match your lifestyle is the focus of Bravo custom Homes. It’s what we do. Choose Bravo custom homes  to build your new custom home or remodel your luxury home and enjoy our goal of a 5-Star experience. You’ve made it, now live and enjoy it.